Welcome! My name is Kate, and I’m thrilled to be sharing Pocketlotus.com with you!

Our mission is simple: to help people live happier, more mindful lives. Our articles, memes and interactive features support that mission by inspiring and supporting readers with expert spiritual and scientific advice, transformational tools and practical tips.

As Pocketlotus.com continues growing, co-creator Lura (Lee) and I plan to keep building deep connections with our audience. We’re eager to hear from you, and would love find out which kinds of stories you’d like to read next. If you have comments or questions, please send them to me at the email listed below.

A few words about me:

Meditation and mindfulness are practices that changed (and possibly even saved) my life. During the past decade and a half, they’ve empowered me to change self-destructive habits, overcome addictions and create a life full of happiness, peace and gratitude.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m perpetually blissed-out with bluebirds circling my head – I’m a work in progress! My hair still stands on end when people throw garbage out of their car windows, and I still yell at our chickens for pooping on the path to our front door. That said, I’m still one of the happiest people I know. If you’d known me 17 years ago, you’d understand what an amazing transformation that is.

That experience is what fuels my interest in other peoples’ transformations and expert views on healing grief, shame, anger, self-criticism, addiction and other happiness-killers. It’s why I’m passionate about finding and sharing spiritual and practical solutions for people who are suffering.

It’s why Pocketlotus.com – a happy departure from anything I’ve ever helped to create — is so special to me.

Here’s a snapshot of my professional life until now:

As a veteran journalist, I’ve spent the past three decades writing news and feature stories for newspapers, magazines and online blogs. It’s deeply rewarding work, especially stories that bring me into the lives of at-risk children and their families. My stories for the Oregonian newspaper (where I was staff writer for 13 years) won awards and helped improve legislation protecting Oregonian foster children.

Apart from my professional work, I’m a mother and wife who loves art, travel, great novels, and weirdly, tiny figurines, 80’s funk and everything zombie.

Again, I’m grateful for your interest in Pocketlotus.com, and happy to answer any questions or concerns. To reach me directly, email me at Katetgolightly@gmail.com


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